External Talent Pooling


Beyond managing key collaborators and high potentials, every manager or HRD is obviously interested in discovering new talents who will contribute to the development of their companies in a near future.

Although frequently equipped with high-performance software, HR teams have to face a tight management of their agenda or a lack of internal resources and they are not able to devote all the energy necessary to so-called “watch” tasks.

However, anticipating the management of the relation with external talents ensures:

  • more responsiveness in the selection process once the recruitment decision is confirmed
  • a constant vision of the candidates’ market for a specific function, in order to avoid default choices in urgent situations
  • the establishment of a customised relation and of an atmosphere of trust with each key candidate, which may encourage his/her mobility decision


TALENTED supports customers in the identification and the active management of talent pools.

Companies think that they enlarge their databases with CVs or names that may be interesting for the future thanks to their reputation, the publication of job advertisements or the network of their collaborators. However, the relevance of these internal databases declines over time since the relation with such profiles is neither initiated nor maintained.

In order to develop and maintain these pools of potential collaborators, TALENTED works in close collaboration with every customer, according to an efficient 7-step process:

  • Analysis of existing (or non-existent) databases and their use
  • Advice to implement an optimised management of external talents
  • Definition of lists of target profiles and related key competences
  • Development of a strategy to identify these target profiles
  • Steering of approach and contact actions by TALENTED
  • Development of a loyalty plan for the most relevant profiles
  • Continuous reporting on actions carried out and results achieved

TALENTED relies on a team of specialised consultants.

With acknowledged experience in specialised recruitment and an extensive understanding of customers’ culture, the TALENTED team offers the best techniques to identify valuable profiles and manage external talent pools.

The command of a high diversity of environments and technical languages enables TALENTED consultants to establish a trustworthy, credible and concrete relation with every potential collaborator.


Date: juillet 18, 2013